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Zoom the Clown (Premium)

Zoom the Clown is an internationally recognised entertainer! She has won multiple awards for her unbelievable talents in Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Ventriloquism, Magic Shows and Games.

Zoom the Clown and Fezzie the Magician work together as business partners to train, develop and run Kindly-Winks Children's Entertainment!

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"I booked Zoom the clown for my daughter's 5th birthday as we had seen her at 2 other parties, where she did some AMAZING face painting and incredibly complicated balloons - I think the parents were just as star-struck as the kids!! We had her do a magic show and party games and the kids loved it. It was fun and interactive and had the parents entertained as well :) I would definitely recommend Zoom the Clown and would use her services again!" 


Fezzie The Magician (Premium)

Fezzie the Magician is an award-winning entertainer who has received OVER 100 5 star reviews! Fezzie combines his skills in Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and Magic Shows to create the best experience at children's birthday parties and events.

Fezzie the Magician and his sister Zoom the Clown work together as business partners to train, develop and run Kiddly-Winks Children's Entertainment.

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"I had chosen deluxe magic show package for my daughter's 4th Birthday and i must say it was worth every penny. Matt was outstanding. Kids loved faced painting and balloon twisting. Of course the highlight was the Magic show, it was a super hit not just with kids but for adults too. Everyone was praising and very happy. I am so happy he made my daughter's birthday a memorable one. Thank you again guys and will definitely be using you in the future."

Fezzie's recent work (

Flute the Fairy

Flute the Fairy has been travelling the world meeting lots of strange creatures and learning new and exciting magic tricks!
In her travels she discovered that there is nothing more magical than the smiles on children's faces. The more smiles that Flute can see, the more powerful she becomes!
One day Flute the Fairy hopes to earn back her flying license and return to see her friends and family in the one and only, Fairyland!


The Captain

The Captain is a swashbuckling adventurer straight from the seven seas. Her ship 'The Mermaid's Whisper' can sometimes be spotted down at the Docklands when she is visiting parties in Melbourne. She loves to share the skills and tricks that she has learnt from across the world, as well as stories about her dazzling and dangerous encounters. 
The Captain loves to bring kids out of their shells and into her world of pirate magic. She is always on the lookout for more crew members... are you ready for an adventure?

Zazzles the Clown

Step right up, step right up: Come and join Zazzles at the circus!
Zazzles the Clown comes from a long history of circus folk. Growing up alongside a cheeky monkey named Zazzy, she has learnt many silly tricks and talents that she would like to share with you.
Zazzles smile is contagious, spreading fun and colour around to all the kids she meets. Have a laugh, have some fun and enjoy your time until the party is done.


Zuzy loves making new friends and being silly. She has high energy and loves to joke around with the children. Zuzy likes sharing stories and loves listening to kids stories too! She makes sure everybody is having fun, leaving smiles on little faces.

She is skilled in Face Painting, Advanced Balloon Twisting, Games and Magic Shows.


Trixie is from an enchanted forest filled with woodland creatures and magical wonders. Trixie loves practicing her tricks in her mushroom home which she has to shrink down to the size of a pin in order to fit inside!
Performing and interacting with kids is her favourite thing to do! There is always fun to be had when Trixie is around!




Hi there, the names Bubbles. I am fun, energetic and love celebrating special events with children. The smiles on their faces gives me joy!

Not only do I specialise in having fun, I love to provide services in Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Games and my favourite...Discos!