If a cancellation is to be made, it must be made at least 5 business days before the commencement of the gig or the FULL invoice amount must be paid. In order to make a cancellation, upon request Kiddly-Winks will provide a cancellation form. The client must fill in and return the cancellation form via email. Once Kiddly-Winks has received the completed cancellation form they will respond as to whether any money is due to be returned.

In all circumstances, if a client is to make a cancellation the $50 deposit is non-refundable. Once your entertainment is booked we hold the time for you and turn down other potential business. If a cancellation is made last minute, we lose the opportunity to fill the time slot with another booking.

In the extremely unlikely event that Kiddly-Winks has to cancel a booking due to an entertainer becoming unfit or unable to work, Kiddly-Winks will try to find a replacement entertainer within the company. Examples of legitimate reasons for nonattendance are hospitalization, death in the family, serious injury, Covid-19 etc. If it is not possible to find a replacement entertainer within the company then Kiddly-Winks will offer to reschedule to a time/day in which an entertainer can be supplied. IfKiddly-Winks is not able to offer an entertainer or rescheduling does not suit the client then Kiddly-Winks will provide a full refund to the client.