Captivating kids with magic shows

The Ultimate Guide to Captivating Kids with Magic Shows

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping children engaged is tougher than ever, right? No more just letting them loose in the backyard, only to call them in for cake.

So, how do we make sure our little guests have a mind-blowing, super-engaging experience? Well, the answer is simple: a magic show.

But wait, not just any magic show—let’s dive in to find out what makes a truly captivating performance!

Meet the Experts: Michelle and Matthew from Kiddly-Winks

With over 25 years of experience, we at Kiddly-Winks know the ins and outs of creating magical moments for children.

Whether you’re a parent, a childcare worker, or a fellow performer, our proven strategies will help you connect with your young audience in a meaningful way.

Ingredient 1: Fun and Connection

Step one to delivering a captivating magic show is not about having the best tricks, the most extravagant costume, or even a fancy PA system.

While those things can certainly enhance the experience, the main ingredient is your ability to connect with your young audience and let your inner child shine.

It’s time to let loose and have FUN.

Think of open body language, genuine smiles, and a friendly persona. Be genuinely enthusiastic about performing and engaging with the kids.

Remember, they can tell if you don’t want to be there! If it helps you get into your fun persona, try wearing a comfortable and brightly coloured costume.

Get yourself pumped up, tap into that inner child, and you’ll be ready to go.

inner child magician

Ingredient 2: Imagination & Wonder

To captivate the little ones, we need to take them on a journey where “anything is possible!” Who wouldn’t want to go there more often?

As performers, we’ve got to believe in this world of enthusiasm, wonder, surprise, and delight, or at least act like we do! Kids can tell who’s faking it, you know.

In this magical realm, using magic tricks lets children be the ones who make the magic happen.

And when they shout the magic word and see the wonder on their faces – their smiles bright, mouths wide open – it’s pure joy. Sharing this experience with them is something truly special.

kids party magicians

Ingredient 3: Age-Appropriate Engagement

The ultimate secret to an awesome magic show is all about connecting with the kids and making sure every moment is super fun and age-appropriate.

So, with a little help from some child psychology, let’s dive in and explore how we can make our magic shows extra special for each age group and ensure we tailor them perfectly to suit each unique audience.

For Ages 3-6: Embrace Silliness

For a magic show that’s all about entertaining kids aged 3 to 6, fully embrace their love for silliness and repetition.

Just imagine using words like “gobbledegook,” creating clumsy mishaps, and dropping things – guaranteed to make them burst into laughter!

And they’ll find pure amusement in smelly objects and toilet humour, like funny fart sounds, because they truly resonate with their mischievous and cheeky nature.

But here’s the real magic trick: keep repeating these funny actions to maintain a running joke that keeps them engaged and laughing throughout the whole show. This simple formula guarantees endless giggles from our young audience members.

kids laughing during a kids party magic show performance

For Ages 7-9: Mix Comedy & Complexity

For kids aged 7 to 9, our magic shows combine the humour they love (like toilet jokes, silly sausages, and smelly underarms!) with interactive tricks and mind-bending illusions.

This age group really enjoys a mix of comedy and complexity, and guess what? They just love to let you know if you’ve done something wrong!

So, naturally, our magic, along with plenty of storytelling, includes lots of parts where the magic goes wrong and the magician needs help.

This tactic keeps the kids totally captivated as they shout out the solution to our magician’s magical problems. It’s the perfect balance of “eewy” jokes, whoopsies, and magical moments.

hilarious magic show for kids birthday

For Ages 10-13: Challenge and Empower

Kids aged 10 to 13 are convinced they know all the secrets of magic tricks.

But guess what? Our magician is ready to prove them wrong and show that real magic exists, no hidden strings attached!

With these pre-teens, we ensure they’re in control of making the magic happen. You can’t debunk a trick when it literally happens right in your hands.

No funny business here because these kids are SMART. Our shows are packed with suspense, empowerment, and maybe even a little scare!


At Kiddly-Winks, we’re about so much more than just magic shows! Our awesome kids party magicians guarantee unforgettable and engaging experiences that will wow all the kids and their buddies.

But that’s not all! We also offer face painting, balloon twisting, and super exciting games to make your next birthday party or corporate event absolutely magical.

Ready to have the time of your life? Hire a magician from Kiddly-Winks today for an extraordinary and fun-filled occasion!

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    This comprehensive guide truly works its magic, providing parents and entertainers with invaluable insights on captivating kids through enchanting magic shows. From tricks to presentation tips, it’s a wand-waving roadmap for creating unforgettable experiences that will leave young audiences spellbound. A must-read for anyone looking to sprinkle some wonder into children’s lives!

  2. Nathan Lewis January 23, 2024 at 9:01 pm - Reply

    Unlock the secrets to enchanting young minds with this Ultimate Guide to Captivating Kids with Magic Shows! Packed with creative tricks, age-appropriate humor, and crowd engagement strategies, it’s a treasure trove for aspiring children’s magicians. Turn every performance into a spellbinding adventure!

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